Join Jessica’s Fall 2024 mentoring cohort of like-minded professionals. This cohort, fostering a collaborative environment, combines one-on-one mentorship with periodic group sessions to accelerate your progress and meet your goals.

When learning a specialization like neurofeedback, having an accessible and supportive mentor is necessary. In an ideal world, this would be someone you can meet with in person, but for many clinicians interested in neurofeedback, there isn’t a mentor located geographically near them. The next best thing is to work with someone like me, who has experience teaching via video conference and phone.

In addition to one-on-one mentoring sessions scheduled at the pace that works for you, the option to ‘drop in’ to our clinic’s once weekly two-hour group supervision is available. The opportunities for collaboration, support and creative problem-solving go well beyond the scope of BCIA-certification requirements, and include discussions of relevant books, articles and resources for use with clients as well as case presentations.

The structure of my mentoring approach is individually tailored to your schedule, your progress, and your goals.

Didactic learning has its limits. That’s why I offer a more comprehensive approach to not only achieving certification, but also supporting you in building a successful neurofeedback practice.

In collaborating with me, we’ll work to:

  • Create a learning and implementation plan unique to your practice, your patients, and your schedule.
  • Integrate neurofeedback into your specific practice.
  • Build processes to execute the best patient experience.
  • Identify which patients within your practice are the best fit for neurofeedback.
  • Build rapport with clients and make decisions based on client responses.
  • Create pricing models that fit your patient needs.
  • And more, based on your individual goals.

Whether or not you work with me, having a strong mentor-fit is critical to successfully achieving your neurofeedback certification. If you’re going to invest the time, energy, and expense of certification, make sure you’re getting what you need.

openings are available for new mentees

Contact me to set up a free half-hour consultation!

My services are open to neurofeedback certification candidates who are dependable, responsive, curious, self-motivated, and excited to share the insights and benefits of neurofeedback with their patients. If you’re ready for a mentor who will hold you accountable, give clear feedback and meet you where you are, let’s work together.

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