neurofeedbackwith confidencefrom Jessica Eure



Neurofeedbackwith confidencefrom Jessica Eure


Whether you’re interested in offering neurofeedback to your patients or aren’t achieving the results you had hoped for, you’re in the right place.

More than a neurofeedback mentor.

Introducing Jessica Eure, LPC, BCN, BCB, QEEG-D, experienced neurofeedback mentor and practitioner

For 15 years, I have been on a mission to support nervous system health in my clients. Neurofeedback has been powerful intervention incorporated into my practice, and one that I believe has enormous impact. I would like more practitioners to offer neurofeedback and experience its life-changing benefits.

I’ve built my neurofeedback mentoring practice with that in mind—to lower the barrier to entry and give would-be practitioners the guidance, clarity, and support required to achieve certification and to start sharing the benefits of neurofeedback with all who need it.

If you’re seeking neurofeedback therapy, please visit our clinic website virginianeurofeedback.com.

Jessica Eure, Neurofeedback Practitioner & Mentor

Benefits & outcomes of
neurofeedback mentoring

Jessica Eure conducts a virtual session with her mentees

Creating a clear, personalized roadmap to certification

The field of neurofeedback is fraught with jargon, and it can be tricky to navigate for those just starting out. My goal as your mentor is to help you learn, understand, and practice at each step.

  • Yes, implementation means you will need comprehensive training.
  • Yes, implementation will require equipment.
  • Yes, implementation will take financial investment.
  • Yes, certification takes time and experience.
  • And, yes, you’re going to help so many more people once your practice is up and running.

The good news: you don’t need to do it all right now. The only thing you have to do right now is find a good place to start—and the right neurofeedback mentor to help you every step of the way.

Jessica Eure working one-on-one with her mentee

Jessica with mentee in one-on-one session

Delivering a professional approach entirely online

My approach to mentoring is highly tailored to your schedule, your progress, and your goals.

Didactic learning has its limits. That’s why I offer a more comprehensive approach to not only achieving certification, but also building a successful neurofeedback practice.

In collaborating with me, we’ll work together to:

  • Create a learning and implementation plan unique to your practice, your patients, and your schedule.
  • Integrate neurofeedback into your specific practice.
  • Build processes to execute the best patient experience.
  • Identify which patients within your practice are the best fit for neurofeedback.
  • Build rapport with clients and make decisions based on client responses.
  • Create pricing models that fit your patient needs.
  • And more, based on your individual goals.

Whether or not you work with me, having a strong mentor-fit is critical to successfully achieving your neurofeedback certification. If you’re going to invest the time, energy, and expense of certification, make sure you’re giving (and getting!) what you need.

from mentees:

“The things I have really appreciated about Jessica’s method of mentoring are Jessica’s organization and availability. I have the sense that she supports me and has my back. When I have a question, it is usually something she has already experienced so she already has a handout or flowchart for me to use. She has years of experience and really knows her stuff.”

“Jessica Eure is not only a wonderful individual mentor for neurofeedback, with years of experience and intense diligent study under her belt, she also runs an amazingly informative, customized, and engaging workshop. She manages to bridge research with applied work in a manner that helps you understand, whether you are an experienced practitioner or a total newbie. She also helps practitioners with the granular, practical aspects of delivering services.”
Tim Herzog, EdD, BCB, CMPC

openings are available for new mentees

Contact me to set up a free half-hour consultation!

I’m looking for certification candidates who are dependable, responsive, curious, self-motivated, and excited to share the insights and benefits of neurofeedback with their patients. If you’re ready for a mentor who will hold you accountable, give you clear feedback, meet you where you are, and teach you everything she knows, I’d love to meet you.

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